Foundation Project Speak Now

let's raise childerenEvery child has the right to receive love and protection. Whether you have had enough of it or otherwise, you have the right to heal the wounds. For example, by sharing your story, you will discover that you are not alone.Talking it over with others can heal the wounds and help you to start over. That is the vision and mission of the Foundation Project Speak Now.

Since the early 1900s, Dutch law states that children must be protected. In 1995, it became in force at the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Netherlands. Its principle is that a child needs special care and protection because of his / her vulnerable and dependent position. If a child’s vulnerability is exploited, it can cause deep scars.

When we fear, we are silent. To be blamed for fear of libel or slander, we are silent. Silence is an inner struggle that is greater than all of these. By remaining silent, sexual abuse will continue to be given a chance. Just by talking, sharing and exchanging experiences, everything will come into the open. There is no more place for the manipulation, the threat and the mystery which surrounds sexual abuse.

Chairman (Marianne Kimmel) had her vulnerability abused by someone when she was a child. Only after how many years did she dare to tell her story. She have experienced healing by talking about her experiences. By talking about it, she found recognition, understanding,and relaxation. Her breakthroughs was literally silenced by the confrontation of her fears and shame. The experience that there is a burden on her shoulders, she have shared through her experiences.

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Contribute money, goods or services, individually or through your company, school or organization. Individual contributions, corporate support, foundation grants and special events fund the Foundation Project Speak Now. All funds raised are used to fulfill the Foundation’s mission. Of money donated, 100% of every euro donated goes directly toward Project Speak Now and the help-programms.

Loyal supporters like you make our work possible. Your contribution to the Foundation Project Speak Now¬†will go toward empowering people who suffered sexual abuse, and addressing the issues important to us: self-confidence, well-being, healing, speak-out and empowerment. By stimulating the talk about sexual abuse and sexual violence, we will help breaking the taboe around it. This is our movement. We can’t do it without you. Click here to donate. We very much appreciate it!